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My Business Model
All of my photo shoots require a sitting fee (which is normal for photographers). The sitting fee ensures I get covered for some of my time and effort, even if client makes no other purchases. I will refund this fee if either or client or I am unsatisfied with the results of the shoot.

When hired for your event, please let me know if you want me to concentrate on one player or an entire team—I will gladly do either. Following the successful shoot, I edit my work and publish photographs to my web service (this is it), where clients can purchase items from an extensive inventory of products. The service I have handpicked for this purpose is used by professionals worldwide and has a shining reputation. They provide quality products, ship fast, and offer an unconditional money back guarantee if you’re unsatisfied with the product or print.

I take great pride in trying to capture those special moments, both emotional and physical. You will sometimes see "professional" photographers at big tournaments. Those guys normally try to shoot in bulk, walking around and snapping pictures at every opportunity in the hope of making money off quantity rather than quality. When I shoot sports, I am there, whistle to whistle, providing special attention to one player or one team in order to get the best results possible.

I am fairly selective about what, where and when I shoot, but please feel free to contact me—I will consider any request.

I started in photography many years ago as a hobby to chronicle my son's (now U14) soccer games. As I gained more experience in photography (and bought better equipment), I began getting some great images of the action. I also found I had great love and respect for the hobby. At the urging of friends and parents, I began occasionally shooting other games (usually for free). As my capabilities, results and reputation grew, I decided to turn my hobby into a small side business.

I have now shot over 500 soccer games and specialize primarily in youth soccer (generally ages 4-12), but have also shot older kids, adults and even some youth baseball games (with fantastic results, by the way!).

While I am retired military (Air Force) and have a full time regular job, I am very passionate about sports photography--I enjoy both the photography and the sport immensely. The primary motivation behind my business is to provide photographs that clients and their families will cherish for generations. It is the love of my hobby (now business) that drives me to keep prices extremely competitive. I charge very reasonable fees for services and products and do so primarily to maintain and grow my very expensive equipment inventory (I use the highest quality Canon products).


Now, onto something near and dear to my heart—security. I spent many years in support of national security and I extend that frame of mind to my business. Of key concern to me is protection of our children. I protect all my galleries with passwords. I will never post a child's photograph open to the public without explicit approval. I provide passwords only to clients/people with a genuine need to know. If I've given you a password, please protect it and only pass it to people you trust. If I discover unauthorized access to any of my galleries, I will immediately take content offline until they are protected. Additionally, I will NEVER post any supplemental information on any child (names, addresses, ages, etc.). Safety and security are paramount and I am very sensitive to this aspect.

See You on the Fields!

Well, that's about it. Again, I appreciate the opportunity to provide your family and friends with memorable photographs. I hope they find their way into your scrapbooks and provide enjoyment for many years to come!

Feel free to contact me if you have any special requests, questions or concerns. I will respond as quickly as I can.

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